After attending PAX East I was bitten by the creative bug. Some of the things I wanted for my gaming sessions were too pricey and I decided to work on something as both a way to have something unique when I go to sessions, and to full send myself ever-deeper into the world of games, and things game-adjacent.

The two projects that I were born from this fervor are:

1) A 3d printed game station to hold cards, dice, minis, pens, etc, designed and printed from scratch on my home printer.


2) Converting an old TV into a digital map/gaming surface for D&D, war gaming, and other table top games.

Over the next few posts, I will be detailing my journey through these and other maker projects.

As of right now, Project Tray is in it’s 3rd iteration, which I am having some trouble printing, and I have the basics of the Project TV Dinner .

I also have some games coming at you that are all works in progress.

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