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My name is JD, and this is my personal project site for my many, many projects, which start and end and start anew at different times throughout the year. As this project goes on, I hope you’ll find something worthwhile here.

My best,

  • Monday Haiku Set 4/15/24

    Monday Haiku Set 4/15/24

    The weekly Haiku Set for 4/15/24.

  • Short Form Poetry Dump — 4/14/24

    Short Form Poetry Dump — 4/14/24

    Thus Spake the Lord: A new god — in an age without.

  • S. By JD.

    S. By JD.

    Over the next few weeks or so, I will be posting chapters from a project I am working on, as well as trying to post with somewhat of a regularity. Be prepared to see photos, 3d designs and prints, poetry, prose, and everything else at one point or another. Thanks for reading — hanging —…

  • PVC and PLA

    PVC and PLA

    After attending PAX East I was bitten by the creative bug. Some of the things I wanted for my gaming sessions were too pricey and I decided to work on something as both a way to have something unique when I go to sessions, and to full send myself ever-deeper into the world of games,…

  • Linocuts – Pt. 1

    Linocuts – Pt. 1

    I’ve started learning how to make Linocut block prints. It has been so fun so far, and I am looking forward to what may come! ((N.B. these will be included in the first round of Care Packages going out today and tomorrow!))

  • The Meta

    Thinking aboutThinking. Thinking aboutPlayingThe Game Or How the Game is played. I want toPlay my best game,The highest S Tier. So,We approach theMeta,And humbly beg itsGuidance. –JD 2/9/24